August 26: AI Design, Tooling, and Data

In our third episode of Scaletech’s AI Product series, we focused on the data pipelines, underlying tooling, and design that goes into AI products. Joseph Sirosh, who honed his skills at and Microsoft, is now the CTO of real estate juggernaut Compass, so he took us from idea to launch of an entirely new AI-based feature. And Navdeep Martin, who heads product management at data summarization startup Primer, looked at the challenges of non-deterministic products when you don’t have clear signals about what’s working.

For the Q&A, Navdeep’s colleague, Primer co-founder Amy Heineke, joined the conversation with Alistair Croll and Dr. Theresa Johnson.

Joseph Sirosh

Joseph is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Compass, where he manages the entire engineering organization. Prior to this, he spent 5 years at Microsoft as a Corporate Vice President of Engineering – in several roles such as CTO of AI, leader of the Cloud AI Platform (machine learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework) and leader of the Data Group (databases, big data, machine learning).

Before Microsoft, Joseph was the Vice President of the Global Inventory Platform at Amazon in the Consumer Business. He was also leading the charge on large scale Machine Learning at Amazon and conceived and built the development team for the Amazon Machine Learning service.

Navdeep Martin

Navdeep is a Director of Product Management and former Software Engineer, with 7+ years managing machine learning products. She is currently at Primer AI, leading the enterprise product. She has a proven track record of bringing new products/solutions to the market, starting new programs and fostering a high-energy and positive work environment.