November 25: AI Product Go-to-Market

How do you launch, brand, and position a new AI product? What’s your go-to-market strategy, and how do you communicate key benefits to the market while still identifying the right customer segments and ensuring that trials and onboarding go smoothly?

In the final 2020 episode of the Scaletech AI Product series, we’ll dive into go-to-market strategies for companies with AI-centric offerings. We’ll hear from Yelp’s Justin Norman about continuous experimentation and the tug-of-war between product management, data science, and machine learning; and from Fiix’s Lisa Huang and Peter Doulas about turning data into predictions, and proving out ROI with beta customers.

Justin Norman

Justin is the Vice President of Data Science at Yelp. He has a career of cross-functional data team management around the world. A former US Marine, he was Director of Research and Data Science Services at Data Science pioneer Cloudera, and Senior Manager of Applied Machine Learning at Fitbit.

Lisa Huang

Lisa is a 2016 Venture for Canada Fellow alumna and product marketing manager at Fiix. Lisa is responsible for go-to-market strategy and execution at Fiix—including leading the GTM efforts for Fiix Foresights, the first AI engine for maintenance.

Lisa leverages her background in sales, customer success, and multimedia journalism to bring a customer-centric and storytelling mindset to the way she approaches product launches.

Peter Doulas

Peter is the Chief Product Officer at Fiix, and leads the product organization which is comprised of product management, UX design, software engineering and dev ops. Peter has 20 years of experience working in a variety of roles at global technology companies. He holds degrees from Queen’s University and MIT.