Scaling science: 5 lessons learned building science-based businesses

27/10/2020 13.40 - 14.15

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Scaling data-centric startups is never easy. Building new technology, new hardware, and unique business models is tough. Being the first-to-market with a new science-based business during a pandemic, well, that’s just asking for pain.

But there is no better way to have a non-linear scale impact on the world than by bringing new scientific discoveries to everyone.

A veteran business and product executive, EC will share hard-won lessons from leading multiple science-based businesses, philanthropic initiatives at Chan Zuckerberg, and as a mentor for 100+ science-based ventures at the Creative Destruction Lab, Techstars and XPrize. Join the discussion for best practices in identifying opportunities, “deprogramming” academics, negotiating IP, managing risks, and educating the market on scientific products.

Elizabeth Caley
Co-founder & Co-CEOPoppy