Dr. Supriya Syal

Dulcimer Labs

Dr. Supriya Syal is the founder of Dulcimer Labs, a purpose-driven company that creates social impact through evidence-based decision-making and behavioural science. She also serves as advisor to startups and foundations invested in transforming healthcare and the social mission space through an understanding of how human beings actually work.

She is the former Chief Behavioural Scientist of the Privy Council Office of the Government of Canada. In this role she worked to create and scale a culture of evidence-based decision making across government, and drive the use of behavioural science for social impact through improvements in federal policies and programs that impact Canadians.

Prior to her work with the public sector, Supriya was VP Research and Innovation at BEworks Inc., a global behavioural science strategy and consulting firm. At BEworks, Supriya oversaw the company-wide research portfolio, and headed the in-house BEworks Laboratory, spearheading private and public sector innovation through experimentation, identifying and developing new platform applications and business strategies, and leading collaborations with partner organizations.

She has won multiple awards, published in top academic and popular journals, and has co-authored a number of policy white papers. Her piece on using behavioural science to increase voter turnout was published in the Scientific American Mind and featured in Forbes Magazine, and her op-ed on the use of Behavioural Science for policy making was published in Policy Options and featured in the Globe and Mail. She has appeared on radio and television, including an interview on National Public Radio (US) and as a panelist on TVO’s flagship current affairs show in Canada, The Agenda.

Supriya obtained her PhD in Psychology from Cornell University, and also holds prior degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Neuroscience.