Jacob Sisk

Credit Suisse Labs

Jacob Sisk is the CEO of Credit Suisse Labs, in San Francisco. CS Labs aims to build transformational technologies and businesses for Credit Suisse using the tools of machine learning, AI and scalable distributed computing.

Jacob joined Credit Suisse in 2017 from Capital One, where he was Vice President of Data Science, leading a team of data scientists and product managers who built and deployed machine learning systems operating at the point of transaction. Prior to that, he was head of content analytics assets and lead research scientist at Thomson Reuters in Switzerland and New York. For more than a decade, he consulted for the capital markets and other industries, focusing statistical natural language processing, information retrieval and machine learning. Jacob has also held positions as research engineer, research scientist and director of R&D at such companies as Yahoo! and the Walt Disney Corporation.

Jacob holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and an MS in Mathematics from Tufts University and attended Reed College. He is a member of the board of the MS in Business Analytics degree program at the Leavy School of Business at Santa Clara University and a member of the board of Scrum@Scale Inc.