Jen Van Der Meer

Founder & Assistant Professor
Reason Street & Parsons

Jen is the founder of Reason Street, a consultancy that designs innovation systems for Fortune Global 500 companies, helping board and C-suite executives evaluate and manage their full portfolio of growth opportunities. She is also an Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Managmentat at Parsons’s.

A former Wall Street analyst and economist, Jen is an entrepreneur who cultivates leadership potential in students, startup founders, and corporate innovation clients. Jen is equal parts data-driven and creative in her approach to understand and apply the opportunities for technology and design to transform the economy, society, and culture.

Jen advises startups seeking transformational growth in health, social justice, and environmental impact. In 2008 she joined, as a partner, Drillteam, a consumer advocacy consultancy where she created a digital platform for managing large scale design research projects, and grew the organization, resulting in subsequent acquisitions by venture-backed Powered, Inc. and by Dachis Group. She has previously taught at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and the School of Visual Arts. Jen has an MBA from HEC Paris and a BA from Trinity College