Peter Skomoroch

CEO and Co-Founder
SkipFlag (Acquired by Workday)

Peter is Co-Founder and CEO of SkipFlag, acquired by Workday in 2018. Skipflag’s technology uses your existing conversations, support tickets, and other communication to automatically build and update an enterprise knowledge base. It understands the people, topics, and facts within your company to autonomously answer questions.

Prior to Skipflag, Peter was an early member of the data science team at LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. As Principal Data Scientist, Peter led data science teams focused on reputation, search, inferred identity and building data products. Peter was also the creator of LinkedIn Skills and LinkedIn Endorsements. Endorsements was one of the fastest growing new product features in LinkedIn’s history with over 3 billion endorsements of more than 70 million members within the first year after launch.

Before joining LinkedIn, Peter was Director of Analytics at Juice Analytics and a Senior Research Engineer at AOL Search. In a previous life, Peter developed price optimization models for Fortune 500 retailers, studied machine learning at MIT, and worked on Biodefense projects for DARPA and The Department of Defense. Peter has a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Brandeis University and research experience in Biology and Neuroscience.